Take part

If you would like to take part please get in touch! You can start a new map, or follow a route suggested by others.

There are endless possibilities of what to contribute to a map and how to record it. Specialist and detailed knowledge is very welcome, but so are simple observations, personal histories, passing thoughts, or expressions of sheer boredom or ennui.

If you have an idea for a route write to me and indicate the neighbourhood you want to walk in, for example by including a screenshot of the area from Google Maps. Keep in mind that the route probably shouldn’t “officially” start at your front door (unless you want all subsequent walkers to start their walk there too.) Choose a good starting point in a public place.

A walk could be a 10min stroll around the block, or a 1.5h hike – you probably don’t want to do anything much longer than that, or it might become tricky to find subsequent walking companions.

I will then prepare a new map for you by sketching out the area roughly in pencil on an A1 sheet of paper. I will prepare a pack containing the basic map, some guidelines and materials and will deliver this to you, following my Covid-19 protocol.

If you would prefer to follow an existing route and contribute to an already emerging map please get in touch too! I usually ask each participant to nominate the next walker, but I’m keen to have a back-up of alternative walkers, in case things don’t work out with a nominee.

You (and your proposed route) should be local to the East London area, for the simple reason that I will be able to reach you by bike.

I ask all participants to sign a consent form.

This is to ensure that people feel adequately informed about the project and are happy to participate. There is a detailed information sheet included in the pack that covers the following points:

What my research is about
For a short version see the About section of this website.


You retain the copyright of your contribution, and will be credited with your name, unless you opt to adopt a pseudonym or wish to remain anonymous. I will use and exhibit the maps as part of my research, which might include but is not limited to online and print publication, publication via exhibition and via audio-visual presentations. I will always endeavour to retain the integrity of your contribution. I will use the following wording to credit the work: 
© participant name 1, participant name 2 etc. / Luise Vormittag / part of Cracks in the Pavement, 2021
You are free to exhibit and promote the project and its outputs if you wish, as long as you also use the above wording to credit the work.

Covid-19 safety protocol
See the How it works section of this website.

Please read the information sheet before signing the consent form.