Map 4: London Fields


The Layers:

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Walker 5: Claire
Date: 27.6.2021
It was an overcast, though warm Sunday lunch time. I was struck by how quiet it was, even when there were people and traffic, as if the volume had been turned down. I looked UP, rather than down, somehow. Forgot people, and was just aware of surroundings.

Walker 4: Emily
Date: 25.5.2021
Lovely to take a lunch time walk. It’s warming up!
A great reason to look for manhole covers.

Walker 3: Charlie
Date: 15.2.2021
More people around than usual.
Mid afternoon
Relatively calm

Walker 2: Rebecca
Date: 25.1.2021
Walked early starting before dawn in the dark – then twilight, dawn and early light.

Walker 1: Sean Gubbins
Date: 4.1.2021
Completed the walk at dusk – a different perspective I have never tried before.