This is not the year that we wanted. Restrictions on gathering and being together made life hard for lots of people. There are plenty of reasons to feel anxious, and many of us do.

Some people say that walking helps. It’s good to get out of the house. If we trace each other’s footsteps, will we have walked together, even if we are separated in time? If we leave notes, drawings, comments and ideas for each other, can we discover new things about our neighbourhood? About each other?

This is not the year we wanted, but shall we take a walk and see what is growing in the cracks? For instance, will a street corner look different, if we see it from a new perspective? How do plants flourish when the odds are stacked against them? How do we?

Cracks in the Pavement is a project by me, Luise Vormittag, an illustrator and designer based in East London.

This project forms part of my PhD research at the London College of Communication, UAL. I am interested in the possibilities of visual artefacts and illustrations that are produced collaboratively contributing to a sense of community. Cracks in the Pavement is one of a number of case studies I am conducting. You can see the results of a previous case study HERE.